Q & A

Yes, go to our website www.posky.net/posky,and fill out the form to register for a free trial.
Posky is web based, so Internet connection is required for most features. The one exception is the cashier page; as long as you do not navigate away from this page, you can still use this feature, and once you reconnect to the Internet, all entered data will be saved.
Yes, as long as the device that has Posky installed can connect to the hotspot, then Posky can be used.
Open "Settings" "General"  "Reset" and select "Reset Internet settings".
Currently Posky accepts credit cards, Apple Pay, Easy Card, Line pay; in the future, we will explore other payment methods.
All devices have a one year warranty. Please call us, and we will work with you over the phone. If further investigation is required, we will ask you to send your device back to us.
There are several ways this can be done through the headquarters account. One way is to send all of the headquarters information to select branches. Another way is to select branch information from within the headquarters account. Either way, the branch accounts may modify the copy of the information within their accounts without affecting the information in the headquarters account.
Posky can create accounts for each branch, but the headquarters account can access all of the branches' information. The headquarters account can authorize branches to access specific features.(ex.銷售分析、商品管理)只能讓分店店長看見,那些功能(ex.結帳收銀)只能夠讓員工操作。
As long as the store manager has a mobile device or tablet to access Posky, then they can access the store information anytime, anywhere.
Open your mobile device's personal hotspot and plug the control box's power line to the mobile device. The IP address will appear on the control box display. Now you may use the control box to connect additional devices to it.!
Posky's software is free as long as you use your own mobile device, tablet, desktop, or laptop.:印表機、標籤機、客戶顯示器….等,只要再額外購買可相容的硬體即可,費用預估不超過1萬5仟元喔。
The free version of Posky includes 80% of the features that our customers request; if they want to customize their version, then there is an additional charge.
Posky was created to support small businesses and entrepreneurs by providing them with a cost-effective POS system. We look forward to building relationships with these businesses through their usage of Posky, and as their needs grow as they scale, we hope to further collaborate and deepen our partnerships with them.
All of Posky's data is securely stored on Google Cloud. Our customers may download their information in PDF format onto their personal devices (mobile devices, tablets, computers, etc.).